Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Yet another epiphany

I couldn't help but share this song I stumbled upon. Yes, I'm still meditating on that Psalm 23. Did I mention its one of my favourite Psalms??? So yeah, thats no wonder I keep stumbling upon these things-songs and scriptures pertaining to it. I have decided to share the lyrics to this song also. Sadly they remind me of a dark time when a beloved of mine made it her business to find lyrics to songs that meant a lot to me, print them and send them to me, in that place where my hands were literally tied to do nothing else.

Im forever saying thank you to my girl @Chaud_TheMag but I will not tire of it, and again I say"Thank you". Just to be clear, the song does not make me sad. In fact, Im thankful for such, as it reminds me of the blessings I have and should be thankful for, instead of focusing on all the things that are wrong in my life. Once again I've found new meaning to this scripture....amazing.....

Psalms 23 :
Your hands reached into the depths of darkness,
Your arms pulled me to the light above them.
Your voice spoke the words that broke my heart,
and Your eyes burn with holy passion, fire, and love.

[Verse 2]
You lead me beside the quiet waters,
You are in the shadows of death's darkened doors.
You make tables right before my enemies,
You take oil and then You pour it over me.

You are my shepherd,
I will fear no evil (fear no evil).

You are my shepherd,
I will fear no evil (fear no evil).

Surely goodness and mercy,
shall cover me.

All the days of my life,
they shall cover me.

Surely I am going to dwell
in the house of the Lord
forever and ever,
forever and ever.

[Verse 2]


Ever and ever,
ever and ever more.
[repeat as desired]


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